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How does The M Collective work?

Each month focuses on a different menopause related topic. You'll have access to all content for the entirety of your membership.

  • Menopause education: videos, fact sheets, guides, articles, meal plans, recipes and podcasts (coming soon)

  • Masterclasses that delve deep

  • Hand picked guest speakers: doctors, dermatologists, consultants and coaches

  • Monthly live Q&A with Emma where you can ask anything you like

  • A community forum to meet, discuss, vent and share

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The M Collective is for you if:

  • You want to get to the crux of how to manage your menopause

  • You're tired of all the menopause misinformation and conflicting messages

  • You want hard and fast facts with zero fluff

  • You want access to credible, qualified experts

  • You want answers

Guest speakers

Dr Lindsey Thomas

Dr Lindsey Thomas

Menopause specialist

Lindsey Thomas is an experienced GP, British Menopause Society specialist and trainer. She works in the NHS and privately at Myla Health. Lindsey is passionate about helping women thrive in midlife and takes a holistic, individualised view to care and education. She believes the more women know and understand about their health, the better able they are to take control of this stage of life and their longterm health.

Dr Caitlin Chasser

GP and Sleep Specialist

Dr Caitlin has over two decades of experience in General Practice and specialist knowledge in sleep medicine. She has a particular interest in women's health and the delicate balance of hormones needed for healthy sleep. Her personal experience with sleep problems caused by a premature menopause inspired her to explore the relationship between stress, hormone balance, and healthy sleep patterns. Leveraging her extensive knowledge of physiology and medicine, Dr. Caitlin has developed innovative sleep therapies designed to trigger essential biological switches for better sleep. Website:

Michelle Griffith Robinson

Lifestyle coach and mentor

As a former GB Olympic athlete, for over 15 years, Michelle knows what it takes to ‘reach the top’. Beyond that, she knows what it’s like to experience life outside elite sport, as a successful businesswoman and mother of three. Michelle draws on her own experiences to inspire and encourage others in her work as a Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle coach, Personal trainer and Mentor. Michelle works tirelessly as an Ambassador for Women’s Aid, The Menopause Charity, Diabetes UK and L’OCCITANE and recently became a Patron of the Menopause Mandate. Over the last 20 years, Michelle’s passion for ‘unlocking the potential of her clients’ has seen her successfully work with many celebrities and corporate companies. She revels in creating a climate of change, to dream big and to achieve beyond your expectations. Michelle has regularly featured in Hello Magazine around the growing topic of menopause and lifestyle, and most recently spoke in Parliament on Diversity and Menopause.


  • Is there an in-house doctor for medical questions?

    Yes! Dr Lindsey Thomas, a British Menopause Society accredited menopause doctor holds an open clinic every month. It covers everything medical, from symptoms to medication (HRT and non hormonal options). You can ask her questions live on the day or send them in to me in advance and she will be sure to answer them. All sessions are recorded to watch back on demand.

  • How does the membership work?

    Each month a new topic is unlocked. As a newly signed up member you'll instantly get access to month 1's content (Bolstering cognition and banking brain cells). Then on the first day of each consecutive month, you get access to the next topic (month 2 is Sleep, month 3 is Anxiety, mood and mental health). I've listed the full run down of topics for the next 8 months in the next FAQ.

  • What topics are coming up over the next 8 months?

    Month 1 - Brain health ; Month 2 - Sleep ; Month 3 - Anxiety, mood and mental health ; Month 4 - Skin and hair ; Month 5 - Vaginal health ; Month 6 - Sex and libido ; Month 7 - Fat loss ; Month 8 - Heart health

  • Do members get access to you?

    Yes! Every month there will be at least one hour-long live Q&A where you can ask me anything you like (this will be recorded if you can't make it on the day). I will also be in the Community, answering questions and adding my thoughts and opinions.

  • Can I listen to content when I'm on the move?

    I'm planning to add podcast audio content a little later down the line so you can access information on the move. You'll be able to listen via the Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Podcast Addict and Pocket Cast apps.

  • Is it hard to unsubscribe?

    Not at all. You simply cancel your subscription in the 'My account billing' section on your dashboard.

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    For the duration of your membership.

  • What weight loss info do you have?

    There's a quick start guide to weight loss in the BiteSize hub. There's also a space dedicated solely to weight loss in the community. Use it to ask questions, stay accountable and set goals. Month 7 is dedicated solely to the topic of weight management. You can also use the meal guides which are designed to encourage healthier eating patterns.

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